Anti-Spam Policy

1. Definitions

A).Spam is any action of the end user (the "Customer", "Investor"), aimed at attracting audience to the website of "Imprerial DinerO" by means of automated programs which send messages over the Internet or by SMS.

B). Audience of the website is a single user or a group of people who potentially have the opportunity to use the service of "Imprerial DinerO" .

C). Affiliate program is defined as a series of incentives to attract customers to the company to expand its customer base and increase profits.

D). Affiliate is any customer of the company who uses his/her potential to attract the audience to the "Imprerial DinerO" website.

2. Pre-conditions for making an agreement

A). In vie of the fact that any end user is financially motivated to attract the audience to gain profits, the company warns about using only the conventional methods of attraction as any other method could harm the company, its website, domain and reputation.

B). Aggressive spam activity of any of the end-users can be considered as an invasion of privacy of the audience or a direct pressure on the individual.

3. General conditions of the Agreement

A). Registering an account on the website of "Imprerial DinerO" means that the end-user agrees with all items of the present agreement.

B). The company welcomes any participation of the user in the Affiliate program, and at the same time "Imprerial DinerO" restricts Affiliate links distribution methods and encourages its customers to use only personal contact with a potential audience.

C). The company prohibits the use of spam software for mass posting on the forums, sending bulk e-mails, IM messages and SMS messages, and all other forms of information containing the Affiliate link.

D). Any suspicion of violation of the anti-spam agreement will be treated in favor of the company. At the same time the representatives of "Imprerial DinerO" undertake to consider all the arguments provided by other parties and in the case of their objectivity to clear the user of suspicion.

3. General conditions of the Agreement

A). In case of a suspected violation of the present Agreement the company has the right to suspend the activity in the customer account until the fact finding.

B). The grounds for suspicion can bean increased number of accounts registered by the users under the customer Affiliate link within a short period of time.

C). In case the fault of the end user in spamming is proven the customer account will be blocked.

D). Every client has the right to litigate the actions of the company and prove his/her innocence of spamming for unlimited number of times. If the end user provides the overwhelming evidence of his/her innocence, his/her account will become active again.