API Documentation

This document explains how to integrate with Imperial Dinero payment gateway into your website.


1. A valid "Business Verified" Imperial Dinero business account. Note: Otherwise the integration authentication will fail.

2. Access to change code on the server where your website is hosted.

3. Technical comfortness in the programming language that your application uses.


Send a server-side HTTP POST to request with the following parameters
URL: http://imperialdinero.com/gateway/ping/

continue_urlRequiredThe URL where the application should return after the payment is done.
merchant_account_numberRequiredYour full account number.
merchant_keyRequiredYour API Key.
order_idRequiredAn unique order id so that it can be recognized in your system.
amountRequiredThe amount to be deducted.
order_noteRequiredOrder note.

This returns a JSON response. If the ping is not success it returns the following JSON string as resposne:

    "success": false,
    "error_message": <MESSAGE>

Please note that if there are multiple errors, the erro_message contains multiple error messages seperated by "**".

Error Message containsMeaningSolution
continue_url is requiredcontinue_url is not passed on.Please add continue_url as POST parameter.
merchant_account_number is requiredmerchant_account_number is not passed on.Please add merchant_account_number as POST parameter.
merchant_key is required merchant_key is not passed on.Please add merchant_key as POST parameter.
order_id is requiredorder_id is not passed on.Please add order_id as POST parameter.
amount is requiredamount is not passed on.Please add amount as POST parameter.
order_note is requiredorder_note is not passed on.Please add order_note as POST parameter.
Invalid Account number and/or API Key.Either merchant_account_number or merchant_key is not valid.Check if your account is "Business Verified" or if the account_number passed is a valid one or API Key is enabled in your profile or merchant_key passed is correct.

If the request is successful, it returns the following JSON string:

    "success": true,
    "reference_id": <REFERENCE_ID>,
    "post_url": <POST_URL>

Please keep the reference_id & post_url values for later transaction purpose.
Now forward your users to the post_url. If the order is successfull the money will be credited to your business account.

If you need any help, please write to [email protected]