AN NEW ICONIC IDOL OF TRADITIONAL MONEY standing Parallel with Cryptocurrencies Globally on Net.

why-choose-usAN NEW ICONIC IDOL OF TRADITIONAL MONEY standing Parallel with Cryptocurriencies..

Press Release: Every day innovative technologies become an indispensable part of our lives.
If 15 years ago we could hardly get used to mobile phones, today we easily master the “Internet of Things”, “Smart homes”, navigation maps on smartphones and other easy-to-life innovations.

The financial world is also not lagging behind the progress: electronic and even virtual money,i.e. cryptocurrency, often come to replace paper ones. Recently the new cryptocurrency enteredthe market – treated or resemble as Traditional Money – IMPERIAL DINERO (iDinero). Let’s see what are the advantages of this currency, how they can be earned and spent.

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Where can you get the cryptocurrency? Obviously, this is not an ordinary currency. It is not issued by the central banks and does not depend on the monetary policy of a particular state. Emission occurs only in digital form, and anyone can get cryptocurrency (by means of mining). For this purpose, the processing power of the computer is used.

What are the bitcoins themselves? It’s the sequence of unique encrypted data blocks. To put it simply, it is a certain sequence of ones and zeros. In order to get new bitcoins, you need to calculate a new unique sequence of blocks. The received blocks are transmitted over the network into bitcoins base.

To calculate the blocks it is required to perform a large number of mutually independent calculations. Since calculations are mutually independent, they can be produced in parallel. Technically, the graphics processors perform such a task best (in video cards). The complexity of calculating units is growing over the time, and soon bitcoin (which is expected to disappear by 2030) will be replaced by new cryptocurrencies.

At one time, bitcoin has spread out all over the world only for 1.5 years. Taking into account this success, many start-ups engaged in the development of their own technologies, and today there are more than 720 different cryptocurrencies presented at CoinMarketCap rankings alone, and thousands of local cryptocurrencies that do not advertise themselves. Not all of them are now in demand, but in 2-3 years they may well surprise all of us.

Imperial Dinero (iDinero) – the modern response to Bitcoin

Despite the fact that any new cryptocurrency is much easier to mine than a time-honoured bitcoin, the new ecological decentralized cryptocurrency Imperial Dinero has a number of significant advantages.

From the first day of its launch, imperialDinero attracted the attention of millions of users from Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America. It’s a given, that the revolutionary cryptocurrency with a millennial history enjoys greatpopularity among businessmen and entrepreneurs of the developed Arab countries.This instant popularity raised iDinero to a high place in the world cryptocurrency ranking CoinMarketCap.

While the project has just started, there is a real opportunity to buy a digital currency at minimal cost. Now 1 iDinero accounts for $ 1.00 USD. Imperial Dinero developers have taken into account all the drawbacks of previously established currencies, therefore,iDinero operates on a unique DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm of a modern and progressive blockchain technology – this poses a really strong competition to all existing digital currencies.

It should also be noted, that in terms of large-scale G20 Summit, which took place on 4-5 September 2016 in China,where the leaders of the countries discussed the most pressing economic issues of the world order and came to the conclusion that the future of the financial sector will depend on blockchain technology and electronic money – cryptocurrency. Moreover, China and Russia are going to actively support this field to ensure the sustainable development of the world market as well as to avoid inflationary shocks in the future.

Imperial Dinero is the most efficient and convenient alternative to the various banking institutions, which are accountable to their central offices and a variety of associated institutions and regulatory mechanisms.
Secondly, blockchain technology operates globally by definition, notwithstanding any boundaries
and administrative constraints. Moreover, already established infrastructure enables to convert
cryptocurrency into real money anytime, anywhere around the world with their further transfer
to the bank or to the account in one of the thousands of traditional payment systems. The wallet
is available anywhere in the world, all you need is the Internet access.

Thirdly, the system is safe when using peer to peer network. It has several levels of protection,
and data on operations and customer account balances are stored decentralized.

As we can see, the decision taken at the G20 Summit can become a new stage for electronic money, including iDinero – their importance for the global economy is growing every day and is recognized by leading countries.

It is possible that cryptocurrency will become the new reserve system.
How to effect transactions in the Imperial Dinero system

All exchange operations on the P2P Exchange iDinero are very simple.
You just need to create an account by providing your email address and your telephone number. Next, you need to provide your account number and finally to create the order in the section “Post a Trades”.The created order is added to the general listing, which already has more than a thousand participants. It is worth noting,that more than 2,000 members from around the world join the iDinero community every day and perform more than 1000 daily transfers, avoiding costly banking commissions.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency was recently launched, the world’s successful businessmen show interest in buying Imperial Dineroat the most famous international cryptocurrency exchanges such as Exrates,Alcurex, Yobit, where the most relevant cryptocurrencies trading takes place, and, of course, the cryptocurrency can be bought on its own p2p platform.