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Imperial Dinero is an iconic idol of traditional money (virtual currency) run by it's exchangers. You can fund your account using one of our certified exchangers and spend it across the globe online. You can also withdraw your account balance using the same exchangers at reasonable price margin. Isn't that simple?
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Imperial Dinero is an internet based digital currency (dinero), which allows for instantaneous,transparent transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership.

Imperial Dinero always welcomes new initiatives to drive busienss to next level. By signing up for a certified exchanger association, you can earn while serving funds between clients and the company. For more details about our exchanging program, please email us to [email protected]
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    Based on your needs, please choose appropriate A. Pesonal Account or B. Business Account. This can changed later by contacting customer service.
    By signing up I accept the terms & conditions

    1.1 The present Agreement determines rights and responsibilities of Internet user who expressed willingness to become the customer of Imperial Dinero system (hereinafter referred to as “System”).

    1.2 User has a right to accept and not to accept the offered conditions that later on will predetermine his participation or non-participation in System.

    1.3 The agreement is deemed bilateral and determines rendering of informational service to the user without binding the latter to make any investments.

    Provision of Personal Information by User

    1.4 User has a right not to provide reliable personal information but in a view of effective use of System it is strongly recommended to specify personal information maximum close to real one.

    1.5 Having approved the present Agreement and proceeded with registration process in the System, user confirms the transmittal of his data into the System and their use at identification, notification and performance of transactions.

    1.6 System customer has a right to change his personal data.

    1.7 Customer of Imperial Dinero has a right to minimize the use of his personal data to decrease safety level of his account.

    Use of Imperial Dinero account

    1.8 Account is a personified customer area of user which functions on the basis of user’s personal data.

    1.9 Customer is fully responsible for the state of his account, access to it and its control.

    1.10 System is not responsible for premeditated and unpremeditated use of account by the customer in illegal transactions.

    1.11 Registering in Imperial Dinero system customer undertakes not to use it in unlawful purposes and not to act in operations that can result in system damage.

    1.12 System reserves a right to carry out accounting operations and systematization of all transactions performed by the customer within system. In case of complaints of Imperial Dinero Finance Corp (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) or third parties against the Customer Company has a right to address judicial agencies of any jurisdiction for protection of system interests, its participants, and the thirds parties.

    1.13 User’s account is not subject to transfer to any other person without notification of system administration.

    System transactions

    1.14 Entering the account system customer fully responsible for all transactions performed in system on behalf of his account.

    1.15 Having agreed to become System user you acknowledge the right of the System to establish any internal cross-rates for currencies and metals in which your funds are stored as money tokens.

    1.16 Only user and nobody else are responsible for any migration of his funds.

    1.17 Customer has no right to demand to withdraw the transaction done by him in the System.

    1.18 Any operation can be reversed only at court decision.

    1.19 Transaction performed in the system on behalf of account registered in name of user is strictly secured for the owner of this account and is not subject to be challenged for non-participation of the Customer in this transaction.

    1.20 System customer shall pay a special attention to accuracy of his actions as a number of operations in Imperial Dinero are performed by one click.

    Termination of Agreement

    1.21 System Customer has a right to notify the administration of Imperial Dinero of his desire to close the account at any time. In this case liquidation of account in System and removal of all personal data specified by the user at registration takes place after finishing of identification of applicant’s personality and its check for compliance with the personality of the user that had registered this account.

    1.22 System reserves a right to block the account for term or term-less period at occurrence of some suspicions until ascertainment of circumstances.

    1.23 Use of Imperial Dinero system by US citizens and permanent residents is strictly prohibited. System reserves the right to block the registrations originating from the USA or from US citizens located abroad due to local laws and regulations. Any individual or company suspected of submitting false/misleading information with purpose of hiding US location or affiliation may be subject to account block with no prior warning.

    Registration Terms

    Fill in all fields below correct to create a new account with Imperial Dinero.

    Make sure you agree with the terms & conditions of our service before continuing.

    At this point of time we do not accept registeration from United States due to Financial Regulations.

    Finding any misleading information may result in account termination without any prior notification.

    Registration Tips

    • The registration process is pretty simple as it holds true. Make sure you enter all the fields as accurately as you can.
    • Choose your password wisely keeping in mind of the cyber threats. Never use a password which contains your name.
    • Email address plays a very importatnt key role in your account management. Make sure the email address provided is true and valid.

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